The Facts On Fad Diets

healthy weight loss foodSome diets as they trend, and become big news on social media sound great. The trouble with most is that you are always paying attention, because it seems you constantly have a few pounds to lose again. The cycle of diet often starts with fads that take a few pounds off for a short time. The problem isn’t with you as far as following the diet. The problem is with the diets.

The Magic Promises

The Basic Reset diet promises you a fast weight loss without effort, and at a fast pace is usually just that. A promise easily broken. Usually these diets are based on one concept or aspect of weight loss. These diets don’t consider all that’s necessary for your body and mind to make it make through the day. The results or one or two pounds lost quickly, then regained just as fast.

Extreme Recommendations 

exercise for weight lossEat only oranges! Drink juice for days! These sound good, especially if you are secretly out to punish yourself for gaining weight. Living a few days with very little or without what you need to have any real energy will certainly teach your body. Actually, this teaches your body to lose weight more slowly with each new attempt at extremes. Starvation convinces the human body, it needs to store more fat for reserve energy rather than burning it throughout the day. This is why over time it becomes harder and harder to lose the weight.

Harsh Restrictions on Eating and Drinking 
The only things a diet should recommend not drinking is alcohol in excess. You need water throughout the day, and any diet that tells you not to drink any juice or water isn’t doing your body any favors. Dehydration will give you some immediate weight loss but it comes at a high price to your body. The same is true of going without eating, or eating less than 1200 calories a day. 

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